You’ve all heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, right? Well, on the heels of the holidays, the SherryStrong team got together to brainstorm SherryStrong’s 6 Goals of 2017!

Yep, that’s right, we are strong women who know we don’t need to keep pace with those Lords a-Leaping or those Swans a-Swimming! (Although, to be honest, we could deal with five golden rings… can a girl really have too much bling?)

Here, in no particular order, are SherryStrong’s 6 Goals of 2017!

For the first month of 2017, my true love gave to me: Inspiration! Martin inspires me every day with his never-give-up attitude, and I want to give y’all a dose of that every month! Once a month, we will share an inspiring profile of a woman kicking cancer’s butt under our coming-soon category: SherryStrong Survivor Spotlight!

OK, let’s ditch the song format because if I get to a partridge in a pear tree and the pears aren’t organic, I’m gonna be ticked. (I mean, isn’t every partridge reading my website?!?)

In no particular order, here are our other 5 goals for 2017. Please help me reach them!

  1. SherryStrong will raise $100,000 to help women diagnosed with ovarian cancer through our SherryStrong Spin-Along, the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation’s Catwalk for a Cause (taking place May 17, 2017, in Mooresville, N.C.), SherryStrong Boxes, and various other fundraising initiatives throughout the year! Stay tuned for details!
  2. I take all my goals personally, but this one has a special place in my heart: We will continue working with Novant Cancer Center (in Charlotte, where I was treated) to launch its first integrative cancer care program! I’m beyond excited at the dedication Dr. McDonald and his team have shown toward this initiative. Every woman deserves to understand how integrative medicine can complement traditional medicine. Not sure what integrative medicine is? Read my post here!
  3. We have set a goal to sell 200 SherryStrong Boxes, proceeds of which will benefit our work to support women fighting ovarian cancer. They’re available now!
  4. We will host 4 fundraisers for SherryStrong. Last year, we had amazing turnout at our Southern Setting farm-to-table dinner, as well as several awesome events with our friends in Mooresville, Painting with a Twist. We’re kicking 2017 off with our inaugural SherryStrong Spin-Along, if you haven’t signed up, click the link to be a part of spinning to help women battling ovarian cancer! Put on your teal tutu and spin  in person or virtually from anywhere in the United States!
  5. SherryStrong will educate even more women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. How will we measure this? Coming soon!

I always want to hear from you. Please comment below with content ideas for my website or ways we can help you or your organization educate even more women about the symptoms of ovarian cancer and how integrative practices can complement conventional medicine. Stay strong! 🙂