Watching a loved one fight cancer is heartbreaking, and we all just want to do something — anything — to help. So the SherryStrong team and I created teal boxes filled with some of my favorite goodies that I received during treatment, for women fighting cancer!

I want these boxes to be a source of comfort and hope for women in the midst of their battle. I so badly needed even the tiniest gesture of support when I was fighting and was so grateful for every gift sent my way.

I’m so excited to announce our SherryStrong Box is AVAILABLE NOW! You can order a “SherryStrong Box” to send to a loved one fighting cancer!  ?

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Every SherryStrong Box contains these amazing goodies!

Our boxes are filled with a variety of all-natural, non-toxic products like hand sanitizers and lotions; the fuzziest, softest SherryStrong socks you’ve ever put on your feet; a smoothie recipe; a SherryStrong water bottle; beanies; an adult coloring book and coloring pencils; lip balm and more!

It’s the perfect combination of all the things I used during treatment. We carefully selected each item and had so many amazing companies and people donate items to support this project. Our friends at Wheels Up donated all our teal boxes and beanies to gift to more than 200 women battling ovarian cancer. We love them for that!!! ?

Our hope is that these boxes will brighten someone’s day, put a smile on the chapped lips of a woman who is fed up with her cancer treatment and just needs a pick-me-up, or help a woman struggling with her stress level. (Hint: Coloring is amazing for the mind and a great de-stresser! Want more ways to bring calm into your life? Check out my posts on meditation, mantram meditation, journaling and guided imagery! )

What “Sunshine and Rainbows” mean to me

Each SherryStrong box includes a letter from me titled “Sunshine and Rainbows!”  This saying has special and personal meaning to me. Picture a weary, bone-thin woman hitting her alarm and pulling herself slowly from bed to go to yet another chemo treatment. She often felt beaten down, physically and emotionally, and while she would muster the energy to go into a treatment feeling feisty (OK, maybe just determined), she could use all the little boosts she could get.

That woman was me. For 18 months.  

Those 18 months were easily the hardest of my life. As much as I would fire myself up and call upon some hard-core imagery of the toxins killing each and every cancer cell – I still felt nothing like the real me. People would say, “Oh, you have the best attitude.” Yeah, well, not always.

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Many people boosted me up at different times, but my sister, Jill, would send me a text at 8 a.m. the morning of every treatment:“Do what you do best. Spread Sunshine & Rainbows all over that infusion room today!”  

So that’s what I did. Her text was a simple reminder that, although I couldn’t control the disease ravaging my physical appearance, I could control my attitude. I wanted to walk into that infusion room every Monday morning and smile at a patient who needed encouragement or hope; I wanted to hug a chemo nurse who needed some love; I wanted to hold the hand of a patient who needed someone to sit with her because she was all alone.

To me, that’s the epitome of spreading sunshine and rainbows, even when life may suck! Even in the worst of situations, there’s always something to laugh or smile about. You just have to find it.

So that brings me back to these awesome boxes!! We LOVE distributing them, but we still need your help! If you know a woman who could use some Rainbows and Sunshine in her life, click here to place your order.

Proceeds from the sales of SherryStrong Boxes will benefit women who want to implement integrative care as part of their conventional therapy and recovery but can’t afford to because their insurance doesn’t cover integrative practices.

We are working closely with Levine’s Cancer Center and the Novant Cancer Center in Charlotte, N.C., (where I was treated), to begin giving grants and teaching classes to help women who need supplemental therapy along with their conventional treatment. Integrative practices helped me so much during and after my treatment, and it’s an amazing gift to be able to give back to others!

As always, thank you for your continued support!

Sherry 🙂