September is both childhood cancer awareness month and ovarian cancer awareness month. The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation works so hard year-round to raise awareness for both of these deadly diseases, but September is special.

This month, we turn a spotlight on these deadly diseases that have become so very personal to Martin and me. It can feel overwhelming, because we’ve lost children we love to cancer and now, within the ovarian cancer community, we’ve lost women we love, as well.

Cancer is horrible. It steals lives and dreams and futures – and it can get pretty emotional to constantly see the heartbreak. The financial and emotional struggles of so many families are unrelenting and vicious.

But we have to keep talking about cancer until finding a cure is properly funded and… UNTIL WE FIND A CURE.

We need to talk about lady balls. We need to chant “save the hoo-has” at every opportunity. We need to woman up (is that a thing? It should be a thing!) and raise awareness while inspiring families worldwide to never give up. To fight like hell.

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Because cancer sucks, but we always have hope. We have to spread hope and keep cancer on everyone’s radar, otherwise more women and children are going to go through what my Catwalk kids and I have been through.

I’ll do anything to prevent that.

We need more people to talk about the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer because they’re so often confused with the signs and symptoms of being a woman.

That confusion means thousands of women are misdiagnosed every year or have a delayed diagnosis as more than 22,000 women are – finally – properly diagnosed.

For the thousands with delayed diagnoses, that means appointments with doctor after doctor while the disease progresses rapidly and our chances of recovery dwindle.

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sherry_pollex_46Will you do two things for me this month?

1. Memorize the symptoms of ovarian cancer and know that if you have these persistently, you need to talk with your doctor:

  • Bloating
  • Eating a little but feeling full quickly
  • Abdominal pain
  • Urgency or frequency to urinate

2. Text STRONG to 50155 to donate to the Martin Truex Jr. Foundation. Even $5 can help make a difference, because what if everyone we know donates $5?

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The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation and will ensure half of all donations support childhood cancer initiatives and half support ovarian cancer initiatives. This is September. This is our month to rally together and make a difference.

Will you help me?

Stay strong,
Sherry 🙂