Photo by Glenn Roberson Photography

Photo by Glenn Roberson Photography

We all have too much stress, period. Whether you’re fighting a cancer diagnosis or just trying to juggle life, these days it feels like everyone is rushing faster, trying to go farther and falling victim to mental and physical fatigue. But help exists!

If the word “meditation” conjures up a Tibetan monk with way more quiet time available than you have – stop right there. Trust me, you don’t need to be on top of a mountain to find peace. (Although if you have access to a mountain, I highly recommend one.)

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My yoga instructor, Gracie Jane, introduced me to meditation, and we’ve made it a part of our sessions regularly now. But she’s also taught me how to meditate on my own, which has been life changing.

While meditation helps me, I think it’s important to manage what you expect a complementary approach like meditation may do for you. Not every method will work for every person. Sometimes, a method that works during treatment may stop giving the same benefits later on. My advice is to keep an open mind and find what works for you, knowing you may need to switch it up from time to time.

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If you’re really excited about one method but it doesn’t work right away, don’t get discouraged. When I was first diagnosed, I had too much racing through my brain to focus on meditation. The idea of it was exhausting to me – how could I quiet my mind and focus? I wasn’t ready to embrace it, and so it was unlikely to work for me. Of course, I look back now and realize that’s exactly when I could have benefitted most from meditation!

Check out Gracie’s quick intro to meditation, and how you can make it a powerful part of your day in just minutes. Give it a try, and let me know what you think!

Gracie Jane’s Meditation 101