Times have changed for Sherry Pollex.

Gone are the days of traveling the NASCAR circuit full-time which consists of 36 weekends at tracks across the country. 

“I consider myself a part-timer in NASCAR,” laughed Pollex, who travelled the circuit full-time for over 20 years thanks to her job and then relationship with Truex. “I’ve been to about 10 races this year and I’m totally fine with it.”

Now it’s about traveling to places like Greece for a yoga retreat and making memories with family and friends. The two-time stage 3c ovarian cancer survivor’s priorities have changed and appreciates the simpler things in life like feeling strong and healthy.

“Everyday when I wake up and put my two feet on the floor, I realize what a privilege it is to be a part of this world and to try and make a difference in someone else’s life. On days I don’t feel good, I still try to find a way to help someone. If I feel well enough, I’ll go down to the hospital where I was treated and I sit with chemo patients during their treatment. I try to uplift someone. Surrounding yourself with positivity does wonders. It’s been really helpful to me.”

This past weekend, Kansas Speedway came calling for Pollex. She went back on the road to help the track launch, Beyond the Checkered, a female-focused infield hospitality event. It included question and answer sessions with women in the sport, including Pollex, as well as, Kansas City-based female executives. In addition to the Q&A sessions, fans enjoyed a light brunch, a gift bag, cold garage access, and attended the pre-race concert along with driver introductions from the infield, as well as the driver/crew chief meeting.

“I am honored to be a part of the first Beyond the Checkered event,” remarked Pollex. “It’s really special for me to be here to connect with all of these women. There are so many cancer survivors that have stories that are really inspiring and uplifting. I hope this is the first of many events that celebrate women and to reach out to the large female fanbase that NASCAR has. I love chatting with all of them and meeting other survivors!”

And to top the weekend off and make it that much more special for Pollex, Kansas Speedway painted the walls on pit road teal to raise awareness for ovarian cancer. A gesture that did not go unnoticed!

“I just can’t get over it,” beamed Pollex. “It’s so amazing to see the walls painted teal here,” beamed Pollex. “I had no idea they were doing it and I understand it was the idea of Pat Warren, the track’s president, who came up with this idea. Unfortunately ovarian cancer rarely gets this kind of attention so to see Kansas Speedway honor women that are fighting is just incredible. This means so much to me!”