Logo_OCRFA_320_K-1Cancer Information and Resources

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
National Cancer Institute: Understanding Cancer (English & Spanish)
National Cancer Institute: Office of Women’s Health
American Cancer Society
Cancer Facts (National Cancer Institute)
Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center Long-term Survivor Study
Ovarian Cancer Patient-Centered Decision Aid Study

Ovarian Cancer Facts and Information

What Is Ovarian Cancer?
Information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)
CDC’s Inside Knowledge Campaign (Johanna’s Law)
National Ovarian Cancer Network (Australia)
MD Anderson Cancer Center
The Oncology Channel
The National Cancer Institute
Low Malignant Potential Tumors
Screening and Prevention
Ovarian Cancer Information and Links (Johns Hopkins)
General Resources for Gynecologic Cancer
Technical Explanation of Ovarian Cancer Grading and Staging (Virtual Hospital)
Ovarian Cancer Treatment Overview
General Information (Cancer Group Institute)
Imaging by Ultrasound
Abdominal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Finding a Cancer Specialist/Diagnosis

Women’s Cancer Network
National Cancer Institute: How to Find a Doctor

Side Effects and Management

By My Side Cancer Treatment Guide
Cancerpage: Managing Side Effects
Chemotherapy Side Effects At A Glance
Foods to Help with Side Effects
Caring for Yourself During Cancer Treatment
Managing Pain from Surgery
Medical Approaches to Pain Management
Sexual Issues (The Oncologist)

Sexual Issues

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (1-888-OVARIAN) “Ovarian Cancer: Sexuality and Intimacy”

Getting Help at Home

American Cancer Society: Managing Day to Day
National Cancer Institute: Transitional Care


Lotsa Helping Hands

Resources and Support (Cancer)

EyesOnThePrize.org Support for Gynecologic Cancer
Gynecologic Cancer Foundation
Gilda’s Club (Patients With Cancer and Their Families)
Women’s Cancer Network
The Wellness Community
American Cancer Society – Locating Resources in Your Community
National Cancer Institute Coping Information
Support Connection – Services for People Affected by Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE)
SHARE – Self-Help for Women With Breast or Ovarian Cancer
American Pain Society
American Pain Foundation
Cancer and Careers

Ovarian Cancer Societies and Support Networks

The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Conversations – International Newsletter for Women With Ovarian Cancer
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Support Connection
Association of Cancer Online Resources (ACOR)
Ovarian Cancer Canada

Chemotherapy Medications

Overview of Standard Therapies (Oncology Channel)

Financial and Legal Support

American Cancer Society
National Cancer Institute
The Patient Advocate Foundation
The Patient’s Bill of Rights
Taking Charge of Money Matters Course (ACS)

Clinical Trials Information

National Cancer Institute
Clinical Trial Facts (searchable)
Univ. of Penn Hospital Ovarian Cancer Research Center

Books, Tapes, Subscriptions & Software

Amazon Bookstore (Books, Tapes & Reviews) (search “gynecologic cancer”)
HealthWorld Bookstore (Health Book Categories) (search “cancer therapies”)
MAMM Magazine, NY (Breast and Ovarian Cancer)


Diet & Exercise During Ovarian Cancer Recovery (Meals to Heal)
Nutrition for Cancer Patients (American Cancer Society)

Free Publications

National Cancer Institute Publications
Ovacome (UK)
Patient Resource Cancer Guide

General Links

MedicineNet Medical Reference
US National Library of Medicine